1st January, 2011:

The Gina Forever Foundation is proud to announce the first two recipients of a monthly support stipend: Balakrishna V, 77, a singer and stalwart of the Carnatic School of Music, and Mr Dominic Saldanha, 75, a jazz saxophonist. Both have been lifelong professionals, bringing great pleasure to their audiences all over the country; both are now retired and in need of financial support to help live respectably in their twilight years. In its own small way, the Gina Forever Foundation is humbled and proud to recognise these two musicians and come to their aid.


Beneficiary from January 1st, 2011

Dominic Saldanha (born. 1926), fondly called "Uncle Dom", is an Indian tenor saxophonist. He is known for his warm mellow tone and lyrical playing qualities among the Jazz musicians in Bangalore. Dominic has an extensive repertoire and encyclopaedic knowledge of songs and music and is known for his remarkable memory, even at his age.

Dominic was born in Goa, learned the saxophone in Mumbai and lived in Kolkata and Delhi before settling in Bangalore. He played at the Windsor Manor for 17 years, post which he played with Dr Thomas Chandy, of Jazz Revival, at many a concert. His playing style is heavily influenced by some of his idols, Stan Getz and Lester Young.

Dominic now lives with his daughter in Goa. He is too old to play music, let alone live by himself. Having generously donated his whole life to entertaining people all over the country through Jazz, it is nothing less than our duty to do the same for him.