Funds for the जीना Forever Foundation™ will come from a share of the earnings of the various companies in the Trump It group that Gina started over the past decade, as well as from music concerts, musical products that we hope to initiate from time to time, and through contributions made by friends and family.

The support of just two musicians for a year would require a corpus of 12 to 15 lakh rupees.

The Trustees of the Foundation and members of Gina’s family have started the fund off with their contributions. Others too have contributed generous amounts already, but much more is required to fulfil the Foundation’s objectives in a way that will do Gina’s memory proud.

We hope you will find it in your heart to make a contribution as well. Some old musician somewhere, is hoping against hope that you will. However large or small, from $100 or $10, it will be more than welcome. Of course we hope you will be a little more (oh all right ... a lot more!) generous than that!

Donations can be made via Cheque or Demand Draft in favour of 'GINA FOREVER FOUNDATION'
Postal address:

Gina Forever Foundation,
405 Dheeraj Manor,
#24 Kensington Road,
Bangalore 560 008

A direct transfer to the Foundation's bank account:
Account no. 0042468808, Citibank
IFSC- CITI0000004

For further details write to us:
Telephone: +91-98452-44610 | +91-99805-43048