Gina had many dreams. She spent every day living them

One of those dreams, one that she shared with many people and one of the reasons she started Opus, was her desire to listen to good music, eat good food and dance... under the stars.

The 'जीना Forever' Memorial Concert on 6th November '2009, announced the birth of the जीना Forever Foundation that will provide support for aging musicians in India. "We've been touched by the lives and stories of musicians who, for various reasons, have been financially hit and Gina often spoke about wanting to support them. It is only fitting that we honour Gina's memory by giving back to a cause that was so close to her heart," said Carlton.

That bold intent has come true.

During 2010, funds for the Gina Forever Foundation have been raised from music concerts; from a share of the earnings of the various companies in the Trump It group that Gina started over the past decade, from the proceeds of OMG! 'Opus Memorabilia and Goodies'a brand of merchandise that Gina had talked about often and Carlton has now launched; and from friends and family, well-wishers and the Opus community of music lovers.